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Quasicrystals at ITAP

Quasicrystal research comprises a very broad spectrum of different topics. We present here those topics which are actively developed at ITAP.

In order to be able to study the physics of quasicrystals, it is necessary to first know their structure, to some extent at least. Many quasicrystal models can be described as decorations of quasiperiodic tilings. We therefore present here some of these structure models, along with the tilings they are based on. The mathematical properties of such tiling models are also a topic of current research.

Because of the aperiodicity of quasicrystals, many of the well-known methods of theoretical physics are not directly applicable. At ITAP, we therefore use mainly simulation methods. In particular, molecular dynamics simulations are used to study the dynamical and mechanical properties of quasicrystals. For these simulations, the program IMD developed at ITAP is deployed.