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Simulationsmethoden in der Physik (Simulation Methods in Physics) 2

Priv. Doz. Dr. Johannes Roth, Dr. Jens Harting,
Wednesday 14:00-15:30, V 57.04

Exercise Sheets

Issue date Exercise Sheet Programs and Data Exercises
16th April assign01 - 8th/9th May
8th May assign02 - 22th/23th May
23th May assign03 - 5th/6th June
5th June assign04 ball1.f 19th/20th June
19th June assign05 - 3rd/4th July
04th July assign06 - 10th/11th July

Scripts and Tutorials

Lecture Notes

  1. MC Integration and Quantum Monte Carlo
  2. Numerical differentiation and integration
  3. Ordinary differential equations
  4. Molecular dynamics
  5. Event driven Molecular dynamics
  6. Parallel Molecular dynamics
  7. Brownian dynamics
  8. Dissipative particle dynamics
  9. The lattice Boltzmann method
  10. Multiphase/Multicomponent lattice Boltzmann


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