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Advanced Quantum Theory

Priv. Doz. Dr. Johannes Roth

Exercise Sheets

Issue date Exercise Sheet Deadline
15th October assign01 24th October
22nd October assign02 31st October
29th October assign03 7th November
5th November assign04 14th November
12th November assign05 21st November
19th November assign06 28th November
26th November assign07 5th December
3rd December assign08 12th December
10th December assign09 19th December
22nd December assign10 9th January
9th January assign11 16th January
16th January assign12 23rd January
23rd January assign13 30th January
30th January assign14 6th February
6th January assign15 13th February

Notes of the 1st chapter:The Origin of Quantum Mechanics

Notes of the 2nd chapter:Wave Function and Uncertainty Relation

Notes of the 3rd chapter:The Schrödinger Equation

Notes of the 4th chapter:One-Dimensional Problems

Notes of the 5th chapter:Formalism and Axioms of Quantum Mechanics

Notes of the 6th chapter:Angular Momentum

Notes of the 7th chapter:Particle in a Central Potential

Notes of the 8th chapter:Particle in an Electromagnetic Field

Notes of the 9th chapter:Angular Momentum and Spin

Notes of the 10th chapter:Time-Independent Approximation Methods

Notes of the 11th chapter:Time-Dependent Phenomena

Notes of the 12th chapter:Many Particle Theory

Notes of the 13th chapter:Miscelleanoeus: Density Matrix

Notes of the 14th chapter:Relativistic Wave Equations


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Quantum Mechanics Applets

Quantum Physics Online
Energy Eigenvalues
Visual Quantum Mechanics
Time Development of a Wavepacket

Wave Functions of Hydrogen (in German)
Solution of the time-independent Schrödinger equation (in German)
Black Body Radiation (in German)