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Simulationsmethoden in der Physik (Simulation Methods in Physics) 1

Priv. Doz. Dr. Johannes Roth,
Wednesday 14:00-15:30, V 57.04

The language of the lecture will be English since the lecture is a required course for some anglophone study courses.

Exercise Sheets

Exercise procedure:
Please report the solutions of the exercises
(i) either on paper with printouts where necessary, and give them to your exercise leader
(ii) or write a protocol on your computer and send it via email to your exercise tutor.

The deadline is the date at which your exercises take place the next time.

Issue date Exercise Sheet Programs and Data Deadline
24th October assign01 assign01 week of 19th November
7th November assign02 assign02 week of 3rd December
19th November assign03 assign03 week of 17th December
3rd December assign04 assign04 week of 14th January
17th December assign05 assign05 week of 28th January
14th January assign06 assign06 week of 11th February
28th January assign07 week of 16th February

Advise for cygwin users: copy the file values.h to the directory cygwin\usr\include.

Scripts and Tutorials

Script 1 Script 2 Script 3 Script 4-8 Script 9

Lecture Notes 1 1 C++ 2 Simulations 3 Statistics

Lecture Notes 2 4 Random Numbers 5 Random Walk

Lecture Notes 3 6 Percolation

Lecture Notes 4 7 Cellular Automata

Lecture Notes 5 8 Monte-Carlo 1

Lecture Notes 6 8 Monte-Carlo 2

Lecture Notes 7 8 Monte-Carlo 3


General Monte Carlo Simulations Numerik
  • Press WH, Teukosky SA, Wetterling WT, Flannery BP, Numerical Recipes, Cambridge Univ. Press.
    There are several versions of this book (Fortran, Fortran90, C, C++) Electronic versions